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Sheep for Sale:

Wide range of Fullblood and Purbred Dorper ewes and rams available ages very. We lamb in the spring so new offspring for sale once weaned.

Typed and Untyped Available



819 - Fullblood Ram -

Ram 819 Video

Hulk is his name and Hulk lambs he shall make. He is a beautiful ram up close with great front muscle he has thick legs and a nice strong neck he produces lovely offspring.


139 - Fullblood ram

Champion did pass away in spring 2023 however i still have some of his bloodline in my flock!

Ram 139 Video

This boy is my original ram and has produces a lot of offspring. He has a very nice body i took this photo in spring when the grass was green so he has some hair covering him, but he is an amazing ram and sheds nicely his half brother was grand champion in a local show he comes from a long line of strong bodied bloodlines Champion is a great sire!