About Us

holding baby sheep

How It All Started

When we started out, we were definitely not experts in the sheep business. No experience to be exact. We began as a small family farm with three little sheep, one barn cat, and one big idea of one day selling our lambs and becoming a working sheep ranch!

Sheep farming is a bumpy ride with a lot of hard work and planning. It is not an easy job! With the right tools, sheep, family and friends, it is more rewarding than you can imagine. My MG Dorper flock has definitely taught me a few things about sheep farming and they did NOT make it easy for me to learn.

About Our Sheep

We stumbled upon the Dorper breed by accident.  While looking for a local sheep producer, we found DK Dorpers in Galt, CA. Having never heard of this breed before, we started doing some research and were amazed by the unique “meaty” qualities of this up & coming breed.  After bringing home those first 3 sheep, we were hooked!

About our Feed  

I feed all-natural feed which includes orchard grass hay along with some pasture grass from the field that they graze on all day! We supplement with a bit of barley & minerals – and that’s it


About MG Dorpers

The focus of MG Dorpers is to raise high quality Dorper lambs as naturally as possible, so they are healthy and happy. We offer breeding stock along with butcher lambs that will be the most delicious lamb meat you will ever taste! Come check out our sheep at some of the local Dorper shows & events! I raise Purebred Dorpers along with some Full-blood Dorpers all my Dorpers are registered.