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MG Dorpers on YouTube is a long and very interesting experience. We do all the same things every year (such as weighing the sheep), but every sheep in every group is different!  Instead of writing down my thoughts, I pick up my camera, go outside & record everything I see.  I then use bits and pieces to put together a YouTube video. 

The Dorper sheep have helped me a lot with my life. They taught me how to be strong even when its hard.  Nothing taught me that more, than when Patrick died. He taught me that life is not controllable but how you live it that is. My Dorpers love the attention, however they are a little camera shy! Together me and my Dorpers are learning together! We may not be perfect but we still try! My Dorpers are a big part of my life now, and they will continue to be for a very long time! My favorite part of my sheep business would be lambing and showing!

I love sharing my story with the world and will continue sharing! My experience with my sheep is beyond explainable -- what we do & where we go, we won't know -- but at least my Dorper sheep have gotten me there with A LOT of hard work.

 I'm not going to say it is always easy or fun but being in this business has its moments. Usually when you picture a sheep farmer you see a dirty stinky person who always is out there in the fields running sheep around but once you actually  start doing all this work that picture seems silly i always say to my other new sheep farmers "to think like a sheep" otherwise you will have sheep running all over the place without getting to where you want! its a tricky job but in the end it pays off. 

I'm not going to say you wont get dirty or stinky but you will have a nice high quality breeding stock if you under stand what to do before getting Dorpers