Weaning Day

Well today was the day! today I weaned my lambs! the set up an electric fence and put the mommas on one side then the lambs on the bigger side we shall see how it goes... Beauty tested the fence and got shocked!! she darted to the other side of the pen!!


Patrick will be going with champion on the other side of the pasture but there is no rush for him to go over there...


Sheep for sale:

Clover -- she is for sale! ($500)

Star -- she is for sale! ($500)

Champion (Coming soon) my breeder ram will be breeding my ewes back one more time this year than he will be up for sale if you would like a really nice ram who does his job really well go ahead and let me know if no one wants him he will probably be going to the butcher shop!!

what els?

Scarlet not for sale!

Patrick NOT for sale


Please contact me if you are interested in any of my sheep this year!


Thanks for reading,

Marina Grassi

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