Training babies!

Today I worked on training some of my Feb/Mar lambs -- they did good! Still fighting me along with the halter, however I am excited to be weaning the lambs and be breeding again soon!


 How to train babies!

1. Start by becoming friends with the lambs but make sure that the lambs are still scared of you otherwise you won't be able to move the lambs anywhere.

2. Then when the lamb is about 2-3 months old you can start introducing the halter to them!

3. Start by just putting the halter on the lambs and see what his/her reaction is.

4. Then if the lamb is still having trouble with the halter, tie the lamb up to a tree or a strong pole for a bit.

5. Now the lambs should start to know how the halter works. You can now start leading the lambs around. Start with a tug then -- when the lamb walks forward, then release the pressure and keep doing it until they walk with you the way you want them to!

Thanks for reading, Marina Grassi