The Sheep Business

Yesterday we sheared my 7 Dorper lambs including the babies! Next week we are going to Reno, NV for the annual WSDA show & sale. I also found out that I won their 2021 Dorper essay contest (2nd year in a row!). The essay was 400 words and now I have to read it out loud at the board meeting in Reno. I get a $200 voucher to use towards the purchase of a lamb from another breeder! I am also uploading some new YouTube videos, so the MG Dorper business is coming together!

Upcoming Plans for my Lambs

sheep collage

I am planning to sell some lambs soon! I am going to keep little Patrick for the 2022 Reno show and maybe breed him to Princess (the other ewe) or if we get a new ewe for breeding this year! I am also going to bring 1 or 2 lambs to the UC Davis show this year. If they don’t have a sale, then I am going to sell the remaining lambs through my website!

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