Sheep For sale

well its official! I am selling a couple of ewe lambs.... Clover, Star if you are iterated in a couple of beautiful Ewe lambs Email me at for clover the dad is champion my original ram- a full blood and the mom is beauty my original ewe- a full blood for star the dad is champion and mom is Princess ewe- Pure bred ewe both lambs are so beautiful. if you are looking for a breeding or lawn mower ewe than Clover will be a better fit... and if you are looking for better quality ewe lambs or show lambs than star is a better fit... price range between--

Clover starting at - $500

Star Starting at - $600- $1,000


and if you guys like Patrick my REALLY nice ram lamb I will be bringing to Reno he can get sold depending on your price starting at -- $2,000-$3,000