One Bad day!

Last week we tried leaving our sheep out in the pasture all night!

this morning I woke up to go out and see my sheep and noticed that the ewe lambs are in with Beauty and Princess and I didn't see Patrick. well I soon saw him! Patrick was there on the ground dead. a mountain lion got him! the worst part is he was looking really good I was so exited to bring him to Reno next year! and now champion is alone again. a peace of wisdom to anyone who may be going through this is "there will be more sheep like Patrick" I notices that champion had some blood on him it looks like he tried to protect Patrick! I also noticed Princess looked like she had been nipped at by the lion. I keep telling myself I couldn't of done anything to stop this! when I fed the sheep Champion didn't come over to the feed or even eat! I opened the electric netting to the mom pen so the babies and moms could be together again its almost as if nothing had changed and now everything will go back to the way it used to be with champ alone and the moms and babies together but no Patrick this time. I know it must have been hard for beauty to watch her son die. a very sad day today for the MG Dorper team and sheep! 

Thanks for reading,

Marina Grassi

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