MG Dorpers beginning and growing

When we decided to get sheep for my 4-H project, we wanted to become sheep farmers. When I thought of the idea “Sheep Farmers”, I thought of the ones in the book that look all homeless and dirty. When I had a chance to think about it, I thought it could be fun!  To be a professional sheep breeder and producer, I needed to make this a long-term investment... and it turned out great! When my first 4 MG Dorpers where born from 2 ewes, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life -- become a Dorper sheep Breeder! I took my business to the next level and entered a Dorper essay contest held in Reno, NV in 2020. I won 1stplace -- I then got a really good offer from DK Dorpers (my breeder) to show one of her ewes at the Reno show next year and thankfully I took her up on her offer!  The next year in 2021 I entered the essay contest again and won 1stplace! Along with entering the Showmanship class in Reno with one of DK Dorpers ewes! I won 4thplace in the Intermediate Showmanship class! I decided to take my business up a notch and show one of my Dorper lambs at the UC Davis show this year! I am still training with these sheep to get them ready for the show.  All we need to do is find a way to get them there since we don’t yet have a sheep trailer....yet!

I had 4 Dorper lambs born from two ewes. I finally made my decision about who I'm going to keep and sell! I plan to keep Scarlet for next year's 2022 breeding! And sell Clover on the website and I then am going to take Patrick and Star to the Reno show next year! And sell both of them there!

I plan on selling my original Ram next year and buy a new one. We will keep one ram for 2 years & then replace him. During this time when I am selling the old ram and buying a new one, I am able to keep some of the old ram's offspring for breeding for the new ram! Then they won’t be related.

The MG Dorper company focuses on Quality not Quantity! We will continue to build our business and raise high quality lambs and be known for our beautiful lambs.

Thanks for reading,

Marina Grassi

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