Christmas 2022

It has been a rough year! At the start of this year I had 11 sheep, but sold quite a few and bought a couple more. Looking through the year, I noticed how darn fast it went by! It feels like I just sold my first lambs of the year but no --  we are already celebrating Christmas. I still cannot believe I made 4 sales this year. In total I sold 5 animals. Not bad for my first full year of selling!

As for the sheep - they are fat and happy (well, except Champion who was not very happy that he didn't get to be put in for breeding). This year was quite short but was filled with so much love and support from all you amazing people who stood along my side and stayed for the journey of 2022. As we watch it come to an end, we wait for what new adventures will soon come in 2023: New lambs in the spring and I will be going off to high school in the Fall for my first year as a Freshman.

As we start with a cold harsh winter here in Placerville, we continue to wait to see who lambs. I finally got around to adding up the amount of lambs I should have. I counted about 2 lambs per mother and I noticed I had ewe lambs more so than ram lambs, but next year may be different. We may have more ram lambs so about 60% ewe lambs and 40% ram lambs. Again not sure who will have twins or singles. I have two first time mothers so we may have some new looking lambs. Can't wait to see what happens!


Happy Holidays and enjoy what's left of the year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Marina Grassi

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